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We believe our staff are vital to ensure smooth delivery of our service. We have a dedicated HR department that proactively manages employee engagement and measures staff performance.


  • To establish positive and effective working relationships with young people.

  • Integrated work with local authorities and other agencies within the local community to develop close professional alliances underpinned by clear joint-working protocols.

  • To work in partnership with parents/carers and other significant people in the young people’s lives under the ethos of restorative practice i.e., ‘working with’.

  • To deliver services within the equality framework and to actively demonstrate anti-discriminatory working practices.

  • To participate in relevant network meetings/case conferences and provide comprehensive written/verbal information to contribute to young people’s care planning as required.

  • To adhere to the policies and procedures in place within GetOn Youths.

Our staff are supported through regular supervision, well-being checks and annual appraisals. In addition, they also receive relevant training to enhance their skills in their role. 

Working Together on Project


  Introducing Nnamdi  

Nnamdi is a knowledgeable, conscientious and enthusiastic individual with 20+ years of Social Care  experience. He has direct experience of working in independent accommodation, anti-social behaviour, working with refugees & asylum seekers, statutory social work child protection and homelessness and with children looked after in residential homes with a focus on young people’s welfare needs and promoting their interests. Nnamdi also has a proven and successful history in 1-2-1 support.

Some of his attributes are

✅  20+ years working in Social Care sector

✅  Extensive experience working with children and young people in various semi-independent living provisions.

✅  Experience and proven track record of developing positive relationships with hard-to-engage young people with positive outcomes.

✅  Substantial 1-2-1 support expertise.

✅ Delivering seminars on hate crime to young people in schools.

✅  He has and continues to work with in partnership with various agencies, including the police, health authorities, social care, religious organisations, youth offending teams, schools, and the wider community.

Happy young woman working on laptop and looking at camera in classroom. Portrait of smilin

  Introducing Tina  

Tina is passionate about keeping children and young people safe and supporting them to achieve positive outcomes. Her beliefs are that young people need stability and security and their home being a safe space is central to attaining any positive outcomes. This is what has driven Tina to work in GetOn Youths Ltd, supporting young people to develop their independent living skills - in a warm, safe and nurturing environment.

Tina has always taken pride in building working alliances with statutory partners; coming together for the common goal to protect children and young people. Her work experience covers a diverse range of user groups with the focus being building trusting relationships and working towards attaining individual goals.

Tina has embraced the privilege of working in teams which has given her the opportunity to establish long-standing and trusting relationships with children and families.

✅  Qualified social worker in Children Services working with Children Looked After. 

✅  20+ years varied Social Care experience working in various sectors i.e., charity organisations, private organisations, local authorities, education and the health sector. 

✅  Extensive knowledge of relevant legislation and practice as well as experience in supporting young people at risk or abused through child sexual exploitation

✅  Attachment Aware and Trauma Response trained.

✅  Training facilitator – a member of the local authority safeguarding partnership. 


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