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GetOn Youths


Semi-Independent Housing Provider

We believe that every young person has the fundamental right to be supported into a successful transition from childhood to adulthood, irrespective of their background or circumstances. We deliver tailored support packages for young people aged 16+ who have identified support needs and have either been living in residential settings or foster families and are ready to transition to independent living. Our support is focused and dynamic to respond effectively to young people’s ever-changing needs.

GetOn Youths aims to deliver and maintain an outstanding service that will improve and sustain the overall quality of life and enhance and promote the pathway towards independence for young people.



  • Guide our young people
    To guide our young people to independence and self-reliance, equipping them with all the skills and confidence they need to lead healthy, happy, fulfilling lives and be valuable members of society.
  • Provide a safe environment
    Provide a safe secure environment that is home
  • Be supportive
    To support, prepare and empower whilst being honest, transparent, and trustworthy.
  • Encourage creativity
    To encourage creativity and personal development.
  • Feel safe
    To deliver a service where young people feel safe, secure and valued.


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GetOn Youths Ltd are building a great reputation for providing specialised care for young people with challenging behaviour and/or emotional needs in semi-independent and 24-hour supervised housing settings.

We offer an inviting, safe and secure space for young people; and are able to meet individual needs through a dedicated staff team with the necessary expertise and compassion to fully support young people at such a pivotal and delicate time in their lives. Our staff team are trained in therapeutic parenting, acknowledging that most of the young people we support will need more than just ‘good enough’ traditional parenting due to their early life experiences. ‘Every relationship has the power to confirm or to challenge all that has gone on before’ (Bruce Perry).

We encourage and empower young people to meaningfully contribute towards their individual plans as we believe that by them taking ownership of their plans this will enhance engagement. Building and sustaining trusting relationships is key as well as role modelling, peer mentorship, 1:1 key working sessions all of which are tailored to individual needs to give young people a voice in all that concerns them. ‘It only takes one key relationship / person to make a difference’ (Bruce Perry).

We also offer therapeutic 1:1 sessions for young people within an environment that is conducive to their individual needs.

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At GetOn Youths our aim for the young people is to:

  • Empower them with essential skills for adulthood.

  • Educate and train them on the benefits of maintaining healthy lifestyles.

  • Provide a safe, structured, stimulating, caring and nurturing environment that contributes to every aspect of their well-being and gives “a sense of home”.

  • Challenge their mindsets of negative perceptions and limitations that may hinder them from succeeding in life.

  • Instil in them the importance of making a positive contribution to society and their local community.

  • Encourage and enable them to develop/repair/restore/sustain positive relationships with significant people in their lives and the wider community.

  • Engage them in service design and delivery and involvement in decision-making processes.

  • Encourage them to develop their individual identity and a positive self-image by treating them with dignity and respect whilst reinforcing positive behaviour.

  • Ensure service delivery within an equality framework with respect for their right to make informed choices.


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